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Enercon Canada Inc., the Canadian subsidiary of the turbine manufacturer, Enercon GmbH, provides operating and maintenance services to BMWLP under a service agreement that expires in December 2026 on a fixed fee basis (but with caps on the unscheduled maintenance services that are included), escalating with reference to specified pricing indices. Enercon Canada Inc. provides various warranties in respect of the turbines, including with respect to minimum levels of availability. Each of the 3 MW Enercon E-82 wind turbine generators supplied to the Bear Mountain Wind Park has a 78 metre hub height and a 82 metre rotor diameter.

The Bear Mountain Wind Park was commissioned and fully connected to the British Columbia power grid in 2009. All of the power from the Bear Mountain Wind Park is sold to BC Hydro under a 25-year PPA expiring in 2034 with escalation factors of 50% of CPI. The facility is an EcoLogo certified facility and generates RECs. BMWLP has retained the green attributes and RECs and sells them, and intends to continue to sell them, to provide an additional revenue stream.

The Bear Mountain Wind Park covers approximately 25 hectares and, as the turbines require limited surface land space, the facility continues to be used for cattle grazing and by the public for hiking, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and other recreational activities.