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Apex Utilities

Delivering reliable, cleaner, and affordable
energy to more than 90 communities and
surrounding rural areas across Alberta.

AltaGas Utilities 3 meters

AltaGas Utilities 3 meters

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AUI’s distribution system consists of 21,000 kilometres of pipeline. There are approximately 700 small and mid-sized metering and pressure regulating stations throughout AUI’s distribution network. AUI operates its gas distribution systems through a network of 14 district offices. In 2021, the total throughput of natural gas delivered to 81,911 customer service sites and transported for two producers had a total energy value of approximately 19.4 PJ. AUI is currently undertaking an AUC-approved system betterment program, targeting the replacement of all pre-1957 steel pipe, all polyvinyl chloride pipe and all pre-1975 polyethylene pipe, as well as the rejuvenation and/or replacement of identified regulating and metering facilities.